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We are not your usual brass band - we are here to have fun, have a chat and a piece of (excellent) cake, support each other and not take ourselves too seriously! If you are thinking of learning a new skill, picking up an instrument again after a long break or just fancy a change of pace - come join us for a chat any Monday evening from 6.30pm at Mellor Village Hall. 

We are a non-contesting community based band going steady for over 145 years made up of players of all abilities - our main aim is not to win awards, but to have a bit of a laugh and enjoy the music we are playing. You can whet your appetite with traditional brass band music, but also more popular hits from the likes of Elvis, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, George Ezra and even the Wurzels (sorry, not sorry!). And dont forget Christmas - who doesnt love a brass band at Christmas. 

Our M.D. is the very experienced Alaistair Greenhalgh who has played at every level of banding for over 40 years.

We aim to provide a comfortable, friendly setting where we can enjoy our  music making and give opportunities for people to learn to play an instrument and read music.
We are also keen to involve communities in our love of music, be it as an audience or being more involved.

We have a sensible calendar of events through-out the the year and support local charities/events. For more information see our contact page or email us at We are available to book for any event - we charge a modest fee as a donation to enable us to continue our work providing free tuition to ANYONE who wants it. 

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